Graduate 招生: Opening Doors to Graduate Study

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    Because you’re unafraid ... of finding yourself in a graduate program where deeper questions are an essential part of the equation, and where your learning community faces the issues head-on.

The Graduate 招生 office at 西雅图 Pacific University exists to increase access to the opportunities that a graduate education provides for students from all backgrounds, 包括当地, 全球, and underrepresented communities. Through in-depth knowledge of programs, effective outreach, and personalized advising, we act as a liaison with program faculty and staff so that students can navigate the enrollment process with confidence and clarity.

Why Graduate 招生?

Because your needs are specific to fit your career, our graduate programs are not “one size fits all.” That’s why we’ve created a single resource center where you can come for specific program information, guidance through the admissions process, and other relevant help to get you going on this journey. After all, applying to a graduate program may seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be.

And since you’re busy in your life and career, we’ll help smooth out any rough spots and get you where you need to go. That’s what we’re here for.

What Would You Like to Study?

At SPU, you may choose from many distinct graduate programs.

Mvududu Nyaradzo


Nyaradzo Mvududu, Dean, School of Education

“I teach at SPU because here I do not have to compartmentalize my faith and my academic career. I view statistics as a tool we can use to understand God’s creation and our work in whatever field as we go about our day-to-day activities.”